Painting Emotions

Maria Shaporenko

years old,
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Look and tell me what you feel!

When looking at paintings, people not only admire the visual beauty and aesthetics but also experience emotions related to the deep meaning and history of the painting. The project shows the emotions experienced by a person while looking at a painting through a combination of photographs and painting.

Looking at this painting, I feel sadness, longing, mystery and thoughtfulness, which makes me wonder why he is burning his things in the fire and what really happened there. At the same time, I feel compassion, doubt, and uncertainty. However, I also sense hope and change, as fire and ice can represent opposites that can lead to new transformations. Additionally, I feel the contrast between the burning energy of fire and the calmness of ice, which evokes vulnerability and melancholy.

This picture evokes warm and calm emotions for me. I like it very much with its serene tones and the beautiful, floating clouds. I also admire the author of this picture and the rest of his works. It reminds me of my childhood when I would go out every day into the fields with my parents.

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