Moth Among People

Taisia Timbur

years old,

Sometimes when I observe the throngs of people in the crowd, I feel a sudden wave of loneliness that washes over me. I guess it is because I believe that each person in this crowd is driven by their unique purpose, and strives to achieve their goal. In contrast, I find myself grappling with uncertainty about my own path and what the future holds for me.

Often when the train emerges from the tunnel and I see the landscapes, a flood of memories rushes over me. I remember my friends’ faces, and how good it was with them. I remember my hometown, recalling the streets where I grew up. But in these moments, I also come to the realisation that returning to the past is impossible, and I must carry on living, even though it is hard.

In the beginning, when a person comes to another country, it's normal to feel sad and lonely. The main thing is not to give up, to search for your purpose, and to pursue it, like a moth that wants to escape from the jar of the past.

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