Is Pain Loving?

Iliia Radchenko

years old,
London, Originaly from Kharkiv, Ukraine

One day immense fear becomes immense joy.

For me, standing on nails (Sadhu desk) is facing pain, fear, discomfort and overcoming it. I believe that the things we are scared of the most will develop us the most and probably will change the trajectory of our lives for the better.
For me, it is a starting point for strengthening my mind and body. It helps me to increase my self-esteem when I step out of the nail desk cause I know now I can do it.

Back then I was an introvert and was terrified of communication, especially with strangers. Now it is the thing I love to do. I can easily start chatting with a person in the gym or approach a new guy in my college.

When I understand that I am stronger than I’ve been thinking and that most of the things in life hurt me but do not harm me, I have changed. This mindset shift helps me to go through hard periods of life, for example, immigration to the UK. It was a whole new environment where I didn’t know exactly what I gonna do or if I could even fit into that place. It was terrifying but I went through it, made sacrifices and now I feel better than before.

We need to learn to be resilient, face our fears, go through them and admit that pain is inevitable on the way to developing ourselves and getting more life taste. Nowadays world brings too much fear that limits our potential.

Think about your fears, tap into them and go through that pain you have been avoiding or perceiving as much scarier than it is in reality. Appreciate the pain, recover, and enjoy being better!

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