I’m being taken over by fear

Kamila Hubenko

years old,
London, originaly from Kiev

I’m being taken over by fear.

I know how it feels to be different and to have a fear of being the way you are. From a very young age, I was afraid to voice my thoughts and opinions on various matters.

Perhaps you've experienced similar situations? Maybe you were scared to speak up in your class, or school, or you were scared to argue with a teacher or your classmate because of different opinions. Maybe you had something more serious than that such as fearing conflict over political views.

It all happened to me and probably happened to all of us. I always overthink and try to keep my thoughts to myself so I won’t end up in an awkward situation.

That’s why the theme of my project is fighting with fear. I want this photo project to inspire people to fight their fears and speak up.So fight your fears, be yourself, and have your own thoughts and opinions!

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