I am what I created myself to be

Anastasiia Voldiushkina

years old,
London, originaly from Ukraine, Lviv Oblast

This series of photographs explores self-determination and personal empowerment.  Throughout these photos, I aim to convey my belief that the creator of our reality is none other than ourselves.

I grew up in a family where each member was creative in their own way, and my family instilled in me a seed of love and passion for creative expression. However, none of them ever attempted to turn this creativity into a profession. I often heard that creativity could not be a job; they used to say, “It's not serious enough.” But I believe this is far from the truth. During my school years, I spent my time creating drawings, photos, and videos, and learning various art forms. After graduation, I decided to pursue a career in design, becoming the first in my family to choose a creative occupation. Currently, I'm studying fashion design in college.

Being yourself can be challenging, but denying your true self is significantly more harmful. Each stroke of colour in this series of photos symbolises a choice or a decision. Choose to be yourself, to define and shape your life according to your desires.

To whoever reads this, if you've been seeking a sign, this is it: allow yourself to embark on something new and paint a masterpiece that is uniquely, authentically, and unapologetically you!

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