Expressing vs. experiencing

Oleksandra Hordiichuk

years old,
London, originally from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine

The project delves into the vast spectrum of human emotions captured through the lens of a camera. Despite experiencing the same emotion, individuals often express it in diverse ways. Through this project, viewers are prompted to contemplate how our perception of others' emotions influences our judgments and relationships.

In the course of this project, I invite my friends to portray emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, surprise, or love. Some of them share the challenges of experiencing emotions that are not immediately evident to others.

"I am often in a very serious state when I receive something very long-awaited. People expect positive emotions, happiness, and joy from me because I received what I dreamed of for so long, but instead, I am in a very calm and serious state ."


"I'm usually an emotional person. People always expect a storm of emotions from me. however, when something bad happens, my emotions become blocked. I do not feel sadness or joy. this is strange for others, especially for those who have known me for a long time."


"During times of severe stress, I experience mixed emotions, but often I start laughing. Many people around me do not understand this behaviour. This is something that I cannot control in any way, when I find myself in bad or sad situations, such a reaction causes judgment from other people."


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